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Unityswap is a protocol for charity tokenization. The organization helps charities with the process of crypto-based fundraising, from developing their own token to creating a safe wallet to store their donations. The tokenized charities have a 1% donation fee which allows charities to fundraise through their own currency. The charity tokens are available on the project’s own decentralized exchange.

All coins offered by Unityswap are made in collaboration with charities.

Their goal is to use crypto currency to provide charities with more financial opportunities for solving global issues.

   What we were asked to do:

  • Copywriting;

  • Development of collateral in different formats.


  • Maintaining documentation integrity while reshaping wording to better suit audience needs.

  Summary of Analytics:

  • 5+ articles

Best content produced:

official emblem unityswap 2022.png


5+ articles and other collateral:

The documents that we developed for Unityswap helped them achieve multiple rounds of fundraising and in reaching out with suitable copywriting to parties of all sorts, ranging from the general public for partnership announcements to crypto influencers for fundraising purposes.     

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