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From endless reward dumping
to sustainable tokenomics design

In the Ryoshi Dynasties case, unDeFined Studio participated in the design of a tokenomics blueprint that sought to innovate on top of of the reward model employed by NFT marketplaces such as LooksRare and Blur in order to solve its sustainability problem. For this reason, we introduced rewards for staking and locking, staking for governance, bonuses for NFT-staking, and a burn mechanism for early withdrawals. This economy stimulated incentive alignment between different stakeholders by blending elements of GameFi, Governance, SocialFi and NFTs.

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The results:

1000+ Players within the first week

$200K+ community fundraisers

Turning Sustainability into a Winning Game

at unDeFined Studio we have pioneered a new approach to tokenomics, infusing sustainability into the NFT marketplace. Our novel system for Ryoshi Dynasties is no less than an economic revolution, turning the tables on issues faced by platforms like LooksRare and Blur.

Platforms like Blur and LooksRare have stumbled, but Ryoshi Dynasties, with the help of unDeFined Studio, has seized the opportunity to innovate, challenge norms, and set a new gold standard.

With an arsenal of fresh strategies and rewards for staking and locking, staking for governance, bonuses for NFT-staking, early withdrawal burn mechanism, at unDeFined Studio we meticulously crafted a new blueprint for tokenomics. 

Keeping Ebisu's Bay's audience in the loop was a paramount part of the process. Through a series of well-timed tweets, captivating twitter events, and insightful blog posts, we made sure the audience had front row seats to the revolution, keeping them both informed and engaged.

The result? An innovative and sustainable economy that skilfully combines GameFi, Governance, SocialFi and NFTs. This new economic model didn't just align the incentives, it sparked a spirited $200K community token fundraiser.

When it comes to tokenomics, we tailor a sustainable design and cater for the project's needs.

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