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About the team

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Don T  (Founding Member)
Coordination, Strategic Communications & Business Growth


Concept developer and branding specialist with a BSc 
and MSc in business as well as honours college 
attendance in my academic background. With wide 
ranging experience in marketing on Web2 as well as on 
Web3 by coordinating a team of marketers for a portfolio 
of projects, I enjoy creating value in complex and 
fast-paced environments that let me use and grow a 
polyhedric knowledge base. Always challenging and 
pushing the frontiers of existing paradigms.

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The Pirate Parrot (Founding Member)

Arts, Visuals & Community Management


Gian Luca, known in crypto as the Pirate Parrot, is a multimedia artist whose skill-set includes, but is not limited to, graphics, brand image development, visual coordination and illustration.

He is a skilled PR agent specialized in crypto networks and has developed a wide network providing marketing services to projects. Working for over a decade as an artist, he is able to use his divergent thinking skills to find innovative solutions to projects’ multimedia needs and tackle problems from different angles.

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Skrtio (Member)

PR and content production


Originally seeking new avenues of wealth generation, Sergio entered the crypto space in the latter half of 2020 and was encaptured by the quiet financial renaissance taking place across the globe. With a fresh and untainted perspective on economics and finance, Sergio taught himself all he knows about Decentralized Finance as a direct user and practitioner. While doing so, he developed connections and relationships across different communities and ecosystems in the cryptosphere. Well versed in everything Crypto/DeFi related, he covers a plastic and dynamic role that lets him manage the diversity inherent in crypto. Mainly focused on content creation and community interaction, Sergio's genuine passion for the space encapsulates the greatest part about DeFi, as everyone can make it with sufficient will.

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Tiberivs Maximvs (Member) 

Social Media Management and Market Research 


Interested in the potential of new digital technologies, in particular those related to Blockchain, and continuously looking for stimulating and revolutionary projects that can modify existing paradigms, Tiberio possesses a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Marketing and Communications. Set apart by his interest for  clean structures and his focus for detail, he manages projects’ social media channels and scouts the relevant networks for important information.

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Señ0r Boss (Owner, Motivating engine)

Señ0r Boss always knows what the team needs and provides for it.

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