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PhotonSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX), providing liquidity and enabling peer-to-peer transactions on Cronos Chain.

PhotonSwap works with the same automated market-making (AMM) model as Uniswap which is a game changing tech.

Automated market makers allow digital assets to be traded without permission and automatically by using liquidity pools instead

of a traditional market of buyers and sellers.

PhotonSwap features a native governance token $PHOTON.

   What we were asked to do:

  • Creation of expert content;

  • Social Media Management;

  • Community support;

  • Increase brand awareness and user experience;

  • Implementation of bots for communication channels;

  • Create partnerships that would bring liquidity to the platform;

  • Complete rehaul of project documentation.


  • Re-branding of UI;

  • Increase Brand awareness;

  • Community events;

  • PR;

  • Content production for different media outlets;

  • Outreach to various projects for partnerships.

  Summary of Analytics:

  • 100+ Posts;

  • 100% Site Rebranding;

  • 30+ New Partnerships.

Best content produced:

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photonswap ama cases.jpg


100+ Posts & Social community management:

We had the totality of social media channels management, this allowed us to create original graphics and posts to improve Photonswap's online exposure. The main objective of our posts was to raise awareness of the potential of staking on Photonswap, the quality of the project, the high rewarding rates for yield-farmers and consequently to find new possible partnerships to open liquidity pools. Finally, creating articles that reported on the performance of the platform helped create trust and transparency between brand and network.


100% Site Rebranding: 

After careful internal analysis as well as constant feedback within our communities, we decided to do a total rebranding of Photonswap and its website, completely transforming Photonswap's user interface into a more user-friendly website with a contemporary design.  


30+ New Strategic Partnerships: 

Through strategic measures, we raised awareness through partnerships and thus attracted new users who came to use the platform. 

We contacted numerous projects and formed various partnerships with them, organized co- and cross- marketing activities, as well as opened various liquidity pools with different projects.

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