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Mushrooms are notoriously simple creatures that thrive in diverse environments and whose role was fundamental in the original oxygenation of planet Earth. For this reason, the Meta-Reality creators have developed a Meta-Shroomjak strain, an extremely powerful digital fungus that is going to spread its Meta-Mycelium around Web3.


This Mycelium is going to infest the Aptos Blockchain, as we spread the Meta-spores far and wide in the environment, to develop a network of holders and Meta-Shroomjak lovers that will facilitate the inception of our Meta-Reality.


Never heard of Shroomjak? Read our Shroom-Paper!


Coming soon

shroomjak collection layer-01.png

The Meta-ShroomJak NFTs

Take a look at our NFT collection samples and art!  Join the Meta-Shroomjak, be part of the Mycelium!

shroomjak collection layers4-01.jpg
shroomjak collection layers6-01.jpg
shroomjak collection layers-01.jpg
shroomjak collection layers 3-01.jpg


Supply: 888 NFTs;

Price:  1,5 $APT

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