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Making a name on Aptos

SeaShrine was a spin-off NFT Marketplace that sought to replicate its previous success on the Cronos blockchain under a new monicker. As it expanded on to the Move-based Aptos blockchain, the new ecosystem presented an opportunity to tap into a different demographic and the challenges posed by a tough competition. Having deployed its marketplace at a later date compared to its competition, SeaShrine faced substantial challenges in establishing itself as an incumbent. At unDeFined Studio we crafted an organic networking campaign that had as success metrics: trading volume and number of launches.

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The results:

#3 best Aptos NFT marketplace

$500K Raised in proprietary NFT sale

$30k Grant from SUI foundation

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From Underdog to Unstoppable

SeaShrine, an emerging NFT marketplace, ventures into the new blockchain ecosystem of Aptos. Faced with the challenge of entering a domain already dominated by competitors, we at unDeFined Studio have shaped a strategic organic networking campaign. By capitalizing on overlooked content streams, they seek to carve a niche for SeaShrine and replicate the success of its sister marketplace, Ebisu's Bay.

Transitioning to a new blockchain ecosystem is no small task, particularly when that ecosystem is already teeming with competition. This was the challenge for SeaShrine, a spin-off NFT marketplace ready to make its mark on the Aptos blockchain. With an innovative strategy crafted by our team, SeaShrine has built the safest, most trusted and technically superior NFT Marketplace on Aptos.

With a deep understanding of the competition, our team has built , Identifying and capitalizing on untapped content streams was the plan—flooding the timelines of Aptos enthusiasts with engaging and educational content, hosting Twitter events with key personalities, and forging vital relationships were the means. SeaShrine's mission wasn't just to make an appearance on Aptos—it was to become the most interactive, engaging, and community-focused NFT marketplace in the ecosystem.

Building relationships was crucial. unDeFined Studio leveraged its connections with KOLs, ecosystem builders, and the Aptos team to garner support for SeaShrine. Each setback became an opportunity, a reaffirmation of their determination to succeed.

SeaShrine's journey to the top proved its worth. Ranked as the #3 best NFT marketplace on Aptos, with 7 NFT launchpads to its name, SeaShrine has become widely recognized as the most community-oriented NFT marketplace on Aptos. Their strategic leap into a new ecosystem has undoubtedly paid off, laying the foundation for further success in the future.

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