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Expertier, the mother company behind the Expert app and Token of Expertise, was founded in 2021 with the sole purpose of creating an Expert App. The Expert App will be a community-based, blockchain-fueled and web3-based app to find the right expert in the most efficient way possible.


The overarching concept connecting the iOS/Android App with the blockchain, called Expertconomy, is an ambitious project created to change the way people share and reward knowledge and information, through the use of a native $TOE token.

With the introduction of this blockchain solution, the project’s goal is to make expertise more accessible, reliable, and less expensive. 

   What we were asked to do:

  • Social Media Management;

  • Create instructive and informative posts;

  • Brand Analysis and Change;

  • Development of collateral in different formats;

  • New website.


  • Create daily content for various socials;

  • Total rebranding from Token of Expertise to Expertconomy after brand analysis;

  • New website based on the new rebranding..

  Summary of Analytics:

  • 100% Full Rebranding; 

  • 100+ Post;

  • 5+ collateral content in different formats.

Best content produced:

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100% Full Rebranding:

In addition to improving and restructuring the logo, we did a total rebranding by transforming Token of Expertise into Expertconomy, this is to allow the project to be untethered from the unique Token concept, and to be seen as a new paradigm for education.


100+ Post:

ToE is an Expert App so we focused our active posting on their social channels giving a taste of what will then be the activity of the professionals on the app. Therefore, we created instructive posts regarding the world of DeFi, Blockchain and Crypto.


5+ collateral content in different formats: 

We rewrote and edited 2 times the whitepaper, updating it to the current version (V_3.1), so as to fit the Expertconomy concept and narrative. On top of this, we created a marcom pamphlet for a conference stand display material. 


New website:

Based on the developed content, we were able to also optimize and improve the website, which required a overhaul of the existing texts.

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