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Ebisu’s Bay was the first ever NFT Marketplace to deploy on the Cronos Blockchain. Seeing great value in the ecosystem from early on, Ebisu’s Bay has cemented themselves as the largest and most active Cronos NFT exchange.


Since its initial release in late 2021, Ebisu’s Bay has breached 250M CRO in total trading volume, in addition to hosting some of the most historic NFT mints in Cronos history.


Ebisu’s Bay is intent on building out the most open and user-friendly marketplace available to Cronos DeFi users.

   What we were asked to do:

  • Social Media Management;

  • Create interesting and engaging content;

  • Brand Analysis;

  • Community updates;

  • Handling of AMAs.


  • Identify the best way to cater to Ebisu’s Bay Twitter presence;

  • Find and create new original content structures;

  • Develop a brand image that would strengthen community trust and bond.

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Summary of Analytics:

  • + 100% Community Channels Growth;

  • 30+ Articles;

  • 300+ Posts.

Best content produced:

LOGO SUN EB-01.png

New vibrant logo

Artboard 37.png

Brand image revamp

The sunday spotlight Dragons of the Westru_dg pals.png

Weekly Sunday Spotlight

unnamed__6_-removebg-preview (1).png

Ryoshi Dynasties 



+100% Community Channel Growth

Telegram - 78 members → 1000 members (Bootstrapping of Ebisu’s Bay telegram presence)

Twitter - 21652 followers → 41723 Followers

Instagram - 689  followers → 1k+ Followers 


(Since 19.04.2022: Starting date of the collaboration between unDeFined and Ebisu’s Bay)


30+ Articles:

We made it our weekly mission to release comprehensive medium posts detailing the major news and developments from and around the Ebisu’s Bay platform. Previous to our undertaking of this task, there was a severe lack of community outreach.

This allowed us to not only ensure users of the platform that updates and developments were being released, it also showcased Ebisu’s Bay’s commitment to its community.

In addition, we utilized this medium of communication to shed light on collections on the platform, helping to build out the relationships of Ebisu’s Bay and the projects that utilize it.


300+ Posts:

Every day we made sure to publish posts related to platform projects, in addition to community engagement posts. Our goal was to position the platform as an active member of the Cronos community, while releasing news and reinforcing the importance of the platform.

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