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DexPad is a decentralized and blockchain-independent IDO platform active on EVM-compatible chains, powered by its Cronos-native $DXP token. In addition to launching services, DexPad offers DeFi-as-Service solutions, so that third-party projects can focus on developing their core strengths and not other supporting DeFi-functions like airdropper and lockers.

The strength of this platform lies in the fact that anyone can launch their own token without having any programming knowledge.

DexPad, in fact, allows anyone to coin their own token and raise capital through both vetted and un-vetted presales.

   What we were asked to do:

  • Creation of expert content;

  • Social Media Management;

  • Outreach for new projects to launch on DexPad;

  • Coordination with Community;

  • Increase Brand Awareness;

  • Enhance User Experience.


  • Search and outreach to new partners;

  • Set up Launches;

  • Community support and engagement;

  • Bringing more users to the platform and the communications channels;

  • Content Creation.

   Summary of Analytics:

  • + 100 Posts; 

  • + 5 Partnerships arranged;

  • + 2 launches marketed and coordinated.


Best content produced:

kava network dxp-01.jpg
EVMOS DXP-05.jpg
goes multichain! BSC AVA POLY LOGOS-01.jpg
dexpad ama cases.webp


100+ Posts:

The management of social media channels led us to create original graphics and posts to enhance Dexpad's online exposure through synergistic content across all platforms. The main goal of our posts was to make audiences aware of Dexpad's potential, latest technical updates, and partnerships. In addition to this, many of the posts aimed at sponsoring projects that would launch their tokens on the platform. Finally, creating weekly articles about all the news on the platform allowed Dexpad to create a community that trusted the work done by the team, increasing the brand value. 


5+ Partnerships arranged:

We were also responsible for active communication with external projects, from development to project launch, dealing with the relationship between Dexpad and projects and the business side of collaborations. This facilitated the research and launch of projects on the platform, and in the months of working with Dexpad we organized 5+ external collaborations.


2 launches marketed and coordinated:

As part of our service offering to DexPad, we also supported the founders in active marketing and coordination of 2 launches that took place on the platform. This required increasing awareness of the launches in the relevant networks by means of the creation and sharing of relevant collateral, organizing co- and cross- marketing activities, as well as managing the communications between different stakeholders from other organizations and protocols.

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