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Holding the #1 position on Cronos

Ebisu’s Bay has always been the #1 NFT marketplace on the Cronos blockchain since day 1. We were tasked with the management of the totality of their marketing activities such as social media management, growth marketing, communications management, community management and content production. The protocol amassed over $50M in trading volume and over 100 NFT launches.

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The results:

2x Social Media Growth

$10m+ Trading Volume

50+ NFT Launches

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Ensuring the Crown Fits: Keeping Ebisu's Bay on Top

At unDeFined Studio we wanted to make sure that Ebisu's Bay would continue to remain the Network's top NFT marketplace. Employing a comprehensive strategy, we manage to maintain Ebisu's Bay's supremacy, collecting over $10M in investments, amassing over $50M in trading volume and facilitating more than 100 NFT launches.

With the duty to manage and conduct marketing and networking operations, we at unDeFined Studio have initiated a comprehensive strategy. The focus was on maintaining the lead, on keeping Ebisu's Bay visible in the minds of the Cronos community, on ensuring a long term top performance. Weekly spotlights highlighting Cronos NFT projects, coupled with vibrant community events and a steady stream of high-quality content and strategic partnerships have kept Ebisu's Bay in the limelight.

Recognizing the community's allegiance to Cronos NFT projects, we decided to double down on fostering deep relationships with these projects. For Cronos NFT enthusiasts, their favorite projects' endorsement is a seal of trust, a beacon guiding them to Ebisu's Bay. By staying engaged, providing support, and ensuring visibility, our team strategy and performance have reinforced Ebisu's Bay's position in the hearts of the community.

The results? A testament to safety, transparency and quality. Ebisu's Bay will be the Cronos Leader for a long time to come, with the protocol racking up over $50M in trading volume and overseeing more than 100 NFT launches. 

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