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Developing a community on Cronos

Soon after the launch of Cronos, DexPad and PhotonSwap were built on the EVM chain. As a launchpad and a DEX, respectively, the projects both required market resonance and community participation in order to take off. For this reason, we handled the growth strategies of the two protocols as well as handles their social media platforms. With our efforts, we grew their accounts exponentially and tied numerous relationships across the Cronos ecosystem.

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The results:

20+ Partnerships

2 new launches

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Forging Connections, Driving Growth:

DexPad and PhotonSwap's Journey

unDeFined Studio takes on the crucial task of driving growth strategies and managing social media platforms for DexPad and PhotonSwap, two pioneering protocols built on the Cronos EVM chain. With a comprehensive approach, we've established DexPad and PhotonSwap as Cronos-focused brands, fostering community engagement, forging synergistic partnerships, and producing marketing materials that solidify their legitimacy.

In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain ecosystems, building a solid community of supporters and establishing legitimacy is no small feat. For DexPad and PhotonSwap, launched on the nascent Cronos blockchain, the challenge was daunting. unDeFined Studio recognized the significance of strategy, user acquisition, and ecosystem injection to bring these DeFi products to the forefront.

unDeFined Studio took on the responsibility of shaping the growth strategies and managing the social media platforms of DexPad and PhotonSwap. With a tailored approach, they ensured that both protocols were firmly established as Cronos-focused brands. Compelling content, relationship management, and maintenance, as well as synergistic partnerships, became the building blocks of their strategy. By actively engaging with the Cronos community, unDeFined Studio positioned DexPad and PhotonSwap as pioneers of DeFi on the Cronos blockchain. The collaboration with DexPad and PhotonSwap's visionary teams bore fruit. unDeFined Studio played a pivotal role in producing marketing materials, documentation, and social media content that lent credibility and legitimacy to both projects within the Cronos blockchain. In an industry driven by trust and reputation, unDeFined Studio's efforts ensured that DexPad and PhotonSwap transcended the status quo.

The impact of unDeFined Studio's comprehensive strategy was far-reaching. DexPad and PhotonSwap forged over 15 synergistic partnerships, launched two new tokens, and experienced significant growth in their community and audience across all social channels. Guided by unDeFined Studio's expertise, DexPad and PhotonSwap journeyed towards becoming influential players, driving DeFi innovation and leaving an indelible mark on the Cronos blockchain.

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