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unDeFined Media offers services to carefully chosen partners that reflect similar goals and values to ensure maximum quality of work, fairness and transparency.

Take a look to our cases listed below:

projects cases-03.png

Ebisu’s Bay was the first ever NFT Marketplace to deploy on the Cronos Blockchain.

projects cases-01.png

DexPad is a decentralized and blockchain-independent IDO platform active on EVM-compatible chains, powered by its Cronos-native $DXP token.


SeaShrine is brought on Aptos by the team behind Ebisu's Bay, to represent the

Gold-Standard NFT Marketplaces.

projects cases-07.png

Unityswap is a protocol for charity tokenization.

projects cases-04.png

K4 Rally is a Play-2-Earn online multiplayer game in which users can experience the world of Rally Racing, compete against other players on different race-tracks, level up, collect, socialize and earn the in-game Token $K4R.

projects cases-06.png

The Toreus protocol is a non-custodial lending market leveraging the power of the Geist protocol.

projects cases-05.png

Expertier, the mother company behind the Expert app and Token of Expertise, was founded in 2021 with the sole purpose of creating an Expert App.

david dmichel-01.png
projects cases-02.png

PhotonSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX), providing liquidity and enabling peer-

to-peer transactions on Cronos Chain.

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