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Aptos Events Calendar

"The Mushroom Seasons"

Foraging for mushrooms has no start nor end because of the mushroom kingdom's size, different species thrive all year round. However, there are certain times of the year when specific mushrooms are more prevalent, these periods are called seasons...
This list aggregate events, we do not endorse nor ensure safety of the below listed projects, always DYOR!

Want your project event to be featured? Fill the form here.

Want your project event to be featured? Fill the form here.

An all-in-one NFT & Game-Fi nexus for developers and players alike.

Ebisu’s Bay was the first ever NFT Marketplace to deploy on the Cronos Blockchain.

Ryoshi Tales is a game-fi experience under development by the Lotus Galaxy's enterprise.

The Toreus protocol is a non-custodial lending market leveraging the power of the Geist protocol.

PhotonSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX), providing liquidity and enabling peer-

to-peer transactions on Cronos Chain.

K4 Rally is a Play-2-Earn online multiplayer game in which users can experience the world of Rally Racing, compete against other players on different race-tracks, level up, collect, socialize and earn the in-game Token $K4R.

SeaShrine is brought on Aptos by the team behind Ebisu's Bay, to represent the

Gold-Standard NFT Marketplaces.

DexPad is a decentralized and blockchain-independent IDO platform active on EVM-compatible chains, powered by its Cronos-native $DXP token.

Expertier, the mother company behind the Expert app and Token of Expertise, was founded in 2021 with the sole purpose of creating an Expert App.

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