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An umbrella for protocols

This project required the development of an umbrella brand to act as a holding for a range of protocols. We designed the brand from scratch, building Lotus Galaxy’s conceptual boundaries and market positioning, coupled with extensive copywriting and marketing collateral for B2B sales activity and VC fundraisers.

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The results:

$50K grant from Sui Foundation

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Lotus Galaxy: Where Boundless Possibilities Converge

Our team took on the mission of crafting an umbrella brand, Lotus Galaxy, to serve as a cohesive entity for a range of Web3 protocols. From designing the brand and establishing market positioning to producing compelling copywriting and marketing collateral for B2B sales and VC fundraisers, we accounted for everything when building Lotus Galaxy's identity and success.

In the vast realm of protocol development, fragmentation hinders progress. The need for a unified presence becomes apparent when platforms like Ebisu's Bay, SeaShrine, and Ryoshi Dynasties emerge. Recognizing the importance of brand identity and user excitement, we embarked on a visionary project to create an umbrella brand that would function as a unique ecosystem.

Building from scratch, we have channeled our expertise to define the conceptual boundaries and market positioning of Lotus Galaxy. We've employed meticulous craftsmanship in developing the brand's image, working tirelessly to ensure a seamless blend of creativity, community, and Web3 culture. This dedication extends to crafting compelling copywriting and marketing collateral, capturing and conveying the essence of Lotus Galaxy's goals and purpose. The collaboration between unDeFined Studio and Lotus Galaxy's core team is nothing short of extraordinary. Countless brainstorming events, intense deliberation, and conceptualization sessions have fueled the vision. With an unwavering commitment to perfection, every aspect is honed to precision, from the brand image to the marketing tactics and pitchdecks. Lotus Galaxy emerges as the true embodiment of a Web3 brand, ready to redefine the boundaries of possibility.

The dedication and meticulous efforts bear fruit. Lotus Galaxy secured over $10M in grants and investments for its products, while B2B sales activities and VC fundraisers garner remarkable success. As the umbrella brand brings its stellar protocols under one cohesive entity, Lotus Galaxy shines as the epitome of innovation. Its story is one of unity, vision, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the Web3 universe.

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