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Network unDeFined

Marketing and tokenomics solutions driving the evolution of Web3.

We ensure the quality and amplification of project’s online presence and we support the building of successful token economies with our multidisciplinary knowledge base, leaving founding teams the opportunity to focus on the core aspects of their Web3 business.



In NFT sales.


Organic followers and counting.


Strategic partnerships brokered.


Industry verticals expertise.

Possessing a great project, but struggling to navigate the Web3 complexities?

It can be difficult to navigate this new industry.

  • Slow social media growth

david dmichel-01.png
  • Lack of authentic engagement

  • Targeting audiences across ecosystems

  • Communication and partnership challenges with other industry players

  • Difficulties with structuring and executing a token sale

  • Challenges in creating successful token economies

Your project deserves marketing and tokenomics solutions that make it shine against the competition:

Token Economy Design

Ad Hoc

  • Social Media Management

  • Token Utility Design

  • Project Management

  • Organic Networking & PR

  • Content Creation

  • Semantic Network
    and Sentiment Analyses

  • Brand Design & Management

  • Game Economics Design and Analysis

  • Token Sale, IDO Metrics, and Supply Structuring

  • Token Flow Modelling

  • Consulting


We redefine Marketing in Web3

  • Exceptional ROI
    Top-tier services without the premium price tag. Your resources, maximized.

  • Direct Communication
    Clear, seamless collaboration aligned with
    your vision. Goodbye, miscommunications.

  • Customized and Flexible Approach
    We discard cookie-cutter solutions. Adapting to your needs in real-time is our game.

  • Gamification and Word-of-Mouth
    With state of the art tactics, we leverage your community to maximize engagement and awareness.


A different kind of Web3 natives.

  • Terminally Online
    Our global, internet-native team is always available. Quality work, on time, every time.

  • Industry Insiders
    As crypto natives, we understand the Web3 landscape better than anyone. Living and breathing Web3, we translate our deep understanding into effective marketing and tokenomics strategy.

  • Enduring Collaborations
    We're not just here for a project, we're here for your journey. With unDeFined Studio, you get an ally.

  • Network Embeddedness
    With our years of activity in Web3, we have gathered numerous connections in different ecosystems.
    Leverage our goodwill by working with us.

Our clients choose us because of our dedication to quality and extensive industry knowledge.

As a company of Web3 natives with user and builder experience in all sectors of the industry, we understand your needs. We have been trusted by top-250 dApps and industry pioneers such as:

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Bring your project’s marketing and tokenomics to the next level.

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